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Con: Wind an even bigger boondoggle than ethanol…

[...] , 2016 ” CON: ” Wind an even bigger boondoggle than Ethanol Three wind turbines from the Deepwater Wind project off Block Island, R.I., are viewed [...]

Wind Turbine Generated Vibrations Wrecking Ontario’s Groundwater Supply

Water Supplies Threatened by Wind Turbines… STOP THESE THINGS In the ‘what’s not to like about [...]

Pointless Wind Farm Carnage: British Study Confirms Wholesale Bat Slaughter

[...] wind farm projects states The most significant impact of operating wind turbines on bats is direct killing (Arnett et al. [...]

Wynne Uses Wind Turbine Scam to Destroy Ontario’s Financial Stability!

[...] In contrast to this trivial and dubious environmental benefit, wind turbines do immense and certain environmental harm by disfiguring the countryside [...]

Needless Human Suffering the Price of Wind Industry Corruption

Windpushers have long denied the negative health effects from wind turbines! [...]

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