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DAVOSA Apnea Diver Automatic 1stLOOK

[...] Boetticher TUDOR Morgan Bourc’his SECTOR Umberto Pellizzari SUUNTO & William Trubridge VOSTOK Europe ADA Free-Diving World Championship ZRC Stéphane Tourreau [...]

Trubridge to Present at Freedive Jamboree – Gili Air 2016

Freedive Flow is proud to announce that William Trubridge (of 18x world record fame) will be on-site for [...]

Check Out World Champion Freediver William Trubridge’s New Smartphone Game

[...] The World Champion freediver this month introduced a freediving game — “William Trubridge’s Plunge Free-dive” — […]

Video: William Trubridge 102m World Record Dive

Watch as New Zealand Freediver William Trubridge dives to his 18th World Record by hitting 102m/335ft [...]

William Trubridge Makes the Steinlager Sequel at 102M and Takes the World Record

[...] Zealand, half-way around the globe from their youngest son, William Trubridge’s parents Linda & David were just as anxious as the [...]

William Trubridge To Attempt 102m CNF World Record Tomorrow

17x World Champion Freediver – William Trubridge – is hoping to secure his 18th World Record tomorrow (20th [...]

William Trubridge Announces Date For Next CNF World Record Attempt

Freediving World Record holder William Trubridge isn’t sitting on his laurels following his exploits earlier this [...]

Caribbean Cup 2016: The Verdict is In…

[...] Gold medals and top podium places were awarded to William Trubridge (New Zealand) for the men, with Ashley Futural Chapman (USA) &# [...]

BREAKING: William Trubridge Extends World Record for Second Time

[...] Vertical Blue competition in the Bahamas – two days after Kiwi William Trubridge set his 16th World Record, he has extended it even [...]

Video: Watch William Trubridge Dive 400ft On A Single Breath At #VB2016

On Saturday April 30th William Trubridge set a new World Record by diving an incredible depth of [...]

#VB2016 William Trubridge – A World Record in Pictures

[...] the air and the water as 15x World Record holder William Trubridge lay on his back inside of Deans Blue Hole, meditating [...]

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