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Get ip tcpv6 by kimeraza

[...] The code in dll in visual studio. [...]

Forum Post: RE: Licensing Dynamics 365 Operation for a Retail Company

[...] If you want to do developments, Visual Studio would be licensed separately. [...]

Forum Post: RE: CRM workflow Designers

[...] is what everybody uses, you could also use XAML in visual studio but its also easier to use the GUI provided by [...]

Touch_Fader beta 0.9

[...] update when back. win32, Win64 dlls, souces code  files & visual studio project included in .zip: [...]


I'm new to programming, and I'm starting out with C#, how would I start a project? [on hold]

[...] simple at first, like a Photo Viewer, or a Pain Program, I have Visual Studio, and such, but I don't know how I would start a program, or [...]

What could cause data to be received by XBee when writing data from coordinator XBee?

[...] API mode to a coordinator XBee and handles the data in Visual Studio using C#. [...]

Automating Word 2016 using Visual C++ MFC in Visual Studio 2015

[...] some techniques to automate Word 2016 using Visual C++ MFC in Visual Studio 2015.

Which IDE best for Wordpress Development? [on hold]

[...] I had experience with eclipse and visual studio.

Forum Post: Visual Studio 2015 and GP 2015

[...] I installed the Visual Studio Tools for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 SDK I do NOT see the Dynamics GP add-in inside of Visual Studio. [...]

Unreal Engine 4.14 Preview Release

[...] If you have multiple versions of Visual Studio installed, you can select which to use through the ‘Source [...]

Urgent C++ Coding Project ! -- 2 by briancho8

[...] C++ Coding expert that has good knowledge of latest version of Visual Studio as in this project, i want you to work on code [...]

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