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Syncfusion Essential Studio for UWP 2016 Volume 3

[...] an application’s visual elements, similar to the docking behavior in Visual Studio. [...]

the application associated with this project type is not installed on this computer

[...] Update the Office Developer Tools either from within Visual Studio or here [...]

WinHost Review 2016 & Secret 20% Discount Revealed

[...] 4.5/5 hosting on their Windows 2012 platform, which is compatible with Visual Studio 2013/2012, and their Windows 2008 hosting platform also fully [...]


My Surface Pro 3 is dead, long live the Surface Pro 3!

[...] The only applications I had to download outside the store were: Visual Studio FileZilla Skype (I know there is a preview uwp app in the [...]

Microsoft Releases R Tools for Visual Studio 0.5 and 2 New Data Science Utilities

[...] If you already have Visual Studio 2015 installed, you can download RTVS 0.5 here. [...]

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