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HI R2D2! — Make a 3D Print Talking R2D2 Robot

[...] 6: Change the code After download the code, you can use vi editor to change the code, in this project, we use Microsoft [...]

From my reading list. May 2016

[...] The Berkeley Vi Editor Home Page. [...]


Minimal Tools on Arch Linux

[...] command in it, for entering command just like vim and vi editor first put : and then enter your command for example: You [...]


How to Enable and Verify Xcache on a cPanel Server

[...] cd /usr/local/lib vi php.ini In the following “vi” editor, you need to search the Xcache and after typing the [...]

How To Install GNU Emacs in Ubuntu

[...] GNU Emacs is well-known as a rival to vi editor from UNIX. [...]

JavaScript Bundle – Learn JavaScript Technologies with 10 Video Courses

[...] Access to the Vi editor is sufficient Getting Started with Data Visualization Using D3JS Turn [...]

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