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Best vBulletin Hosting Service for Building a Rich-Featured Forum

[...] familiar with the technique-side skill or knowledge can install a vBulletin forum with a few clicks in minutes. [...]

Are these specs overkill for me? [on hold]

[...] when we have heavy traffic, both the main site and vbulletin forums. [...]

+ Forums Hacked Over 25 Million Users Accounts Gets Compromised

[...] Hackers used SQL vulnerabilities found in unpatched vBulletin forum software, which allows accessing to the database including usernames, email [...]

Mail.Ru Forum Hacks Results in Leaking of 25 Million Accounts

[...] this attack by exploiting known SQL injection vulnerabilities in the vBulletin forum software. [...]

+ Forums Hack Compromises over 25 Million User Accounts

[...] All data dumps came from hacked vBulletin forums All communities were running older vBulletin forum software that was compromised and allowed hackers access to the [...]

Self-hosted vBulletin - you're doing it wrong! (and why you should be using managed hosting services)

[...] There are groups of individuals actively doing just this against vBulletin forums right now because it's such easy pickings. [...]

Another Epic Games Forum Hack Exposes Over 800,000 User Accounts

[...] by exploiting a known vulnerability in an outdated version of the vBulletin forum software. [...]


Epic Games forums have been breached, over 800,000 accounts at risk

[...] a known SQL injection vulnerability generally found in outdated versions of vBulletin forum software. [...]

Ubuntu Forums security breach

[...] This reads as if the vBulletin forum software was not fully patched even though it could have [...]

Databases from Hot Scripts, Mac Forums, Web Hosting Talk Surface on the Dark Web - BREAKING

[...] websites, Mac Forums and Web Hosting Talk, run on the vBulletin forum platform. [...]

CentOS7 error logs / system logs

[...] different script (pinterest clone script, tube script, picture galleries script, vBulletin forum, Wordpress blogs). [...]

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