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UFO Sighting in UFO Sighting Siolim Goa I, on 2016-10-22 21:01:00 - Ufo sighting siolim goa india 22nd october 2016

[...] line direction. we could not believe it was our 3rd ufo sighting this year. this was once again a very cool [...]

1,000W LED Flashlight Mounted to a Drone Looks Like a Real UFO

[...] I bet people report UFO sightings and run inside to grab their shotgun every time he [...]


Flight Tracker Catches A UFO Flying Toward Australia At Incredible Speed

[...] However, a recent UFO sighting over a city in Australia may have even the biggest skeptics [...]


[...] Max made a career out of investigating UFO sightings and alleged cover-ups. [...]

David Tennant is back to space for Fireman Sam film

[...] , sees Buck and his TV show arrive in Pontypandy where UFO sightings are on the increase, but when a big stunt by Buck [...]

Asgardia — an Open Recruitment for a Breakaway Civilization Begins | A “Second Brain Drain” and the Disclosure of Secret...

[...] of interest to the US government or merit to the UFO sightings being reported by millions of people at the time. [...]

UFO Sighting in East Rutherford, New Jersey on 2016-10-14 22:18:00 - In the eastern sky from my outside deck my fiance a...

[...] lasted just less than one minute. this is the second ufo sighting in the last couple years from the same vantage point [...]

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