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Samsung is hoping to rekindle Note brand name next year

[...] Note 7 smartphone by offering owners of the recalled device in South Korea the ability to upgrade to a Galaxy S8 or Note 8 device [...]

Rare Earth Elements Market to reach $10.96 billion in 2020 | Hexa Research

[...] in developing Asia Pacific regions like China, India, Malaysia and South Korea will accelerate demand for the Rare Earth Elements market in [...]

Hundreds of Galaxy Note 7 Owners File Class-Action Lawsuit Against Samsung

[...] reported that Samsung might be facing a class-action lawsuit in South Korea and it seems that the rumors were true. [...]

Hyundai Hcn : How South Korean's 'Can Do' Spirit Built a Modern and Rich Society

( Many parts of South Korea's capital city-Seoul, including the central business district of the [...]

Samsung: Note 7 Customers To Get 50% Off Galaxy S8/Galaxy Note 8

[...] to the report, Samsung has announced the compensation program in South Korea where, “Users in the upgrade programme will need to pay [...]

South Korea: Samsung will offer upgrade program to Note 7 owners

[...] Source: Reuters Image: Samsung The post South Korea: Samsung will offer upgrade program to Note 7 owners appeared first [...]


Samsung announces upgrade program for Galaxy Note7 users

[...] year, the upgrade program has currently only been announced for South Korea,. [...]

MP gets investment proposals over Rs 5,62,000 crore

[...] officials and Ambassadors from five foreign partner countries – the UAE, South Korea, Japan, the UK and Singapore. [...]

Top 10 Best City Pictures of the Day – October 24, 2016

[...] Tower towering over other buildings, Seoul, South Korea Concrete districts, Krasnoyarsk, Siberia Twilight over Seoul, South Korea The Eixample District in Barcelona, Spain is [...]

Samsung sued by 527 South Koreans to Galaxy Note 7-problems

[...] Galaxy Note 7-problems Photo: AFP Part Techgigant Samsung is in South Korea indicted by 527 customers, due to the burn problems with [...]


Mumbai Zoos Penguin Experiment Is Going Horribly Wrong One Has Already Died

[...] Byculla Zoo announced the arrival of eight Humbolt penguins from South Korea at cost of 25 crore Rupees. [...]

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