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Tiny house almost doubles in width at the push of a button

[...] packs a whole lot of home onto a towable trailer Students create solar-powered tiny house Thousand Crow tiny house sidesteps the Vancouver housing [...]

A Website Is Only As Good As Its Web Hoster

[...] Solar power panel passive infrared beam detector smart home security alarm host [...]

Miscellaneous : Home Solar Panels Utah

Residential solar power can be created converting solar radiation into other forms of [...]


Gujarat CM distributes CNG rickshaws to 501 rickshaw drivers with 100% assistance

[...] today distributed CNG rickshaws to 501 rickshaw drivers and also solar powered hand carts to local poor people at Limbayat, Surat and [...]

Solar to Power Indian Economy: Intersolar Expo Attracts Global Majors

[...] “Photovoltaic Ribbon” products for increasing solar module efficiencies in the solar power sector,” according to Kusum Sharma, DGM, Business Development, TAMRA in [...]

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Zesty Chic: Auto Cool Solar Car Ventilator (ASTV)

[...] The auto cool vent is a solar-powered ventilator that automatically expels hot air from your parked car, [...]

Eco Touch 2 Pack Solar Gutter/Fence Lights $19.99

Touch Of ECO® is a revolutionary multi-use solar powered LED light that easily attaches to gutters, signs, decks and [...]


Social Media Corner 22nd October

[...] KJgVTOKekn — Ranjitsinh Chudasama (@bk_chudasama) October 22, 2016 India’s first solar power plants to be set up in Andaman अंडमान में स्थापित होगा भारत का पहला सौर ऊर्जा भंडारण संयंत्र [...]

This Water-Resistant Dual-USB Solar Charger Is One Of The Sickest Gadgets On The Market, And It’s Dirt Cheap!!!

[...] an LED flashlight that works perfectly in darkness — Recharges via solar power or USB cable BUY IT NOW: $19.99 The BroBible [...]


12 MW Solar To Power India’s Greenest Metro System

[...] The system will include several rooftop solar power projects with a total […] The post 12 MW Solar To Power [...]

Solar (Night)mare

Solar (Night)mare

We're researching low cost solar power systems, and we stumbled across a company out of Tx, offering a [...]

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