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ChemChina China National Chemical : ·REC Reached a New High in Poly-silicon Solar Cell Efficiency

( On September 29, REC Solar Energy, an overseas enterprise under Bluestar, announced that the efficiency of [...]

Senegal unveils one of sub-Saharan largest solar parks

Senegal put into service one of sub-Saharan Africa’s largest solar energy projects Saturday as it pushes to become a regional player in [...]

Miscellaneous : Home Solar Panels Utah

[...] Like other renewable sources of energy, solar energy is clean and environmentally friendly. [...]


Solar to Power Indian Economy: Intersolar Expo Attracts Global Majors

[...] Canopus Foundation is joining forces with the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE to honor projects that supply communities in developing [...]

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What Is Green Energy? Learn About It Here!

[...] Solar water heaters use solar energy in an efficient way to heat your water. [...]

Bid Submission Underway for Consultancy Contract for Solar Power Plant in Oman

Al Dakhiliya, Oman: The project involves 200 MW capacity renewable solar energy plant which is expected to be completed by end of [...]

FG pledges support for energy consortium’s solar initiative for 10million MSMEs

[...] to power 10 million Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises with solar energy, just as the Federal Government through the Ministry of State [...]

Xcel Energy : Minnesota receives $2 million federal grant to boost solar energy

[...] /news/Xcel-Energy-Minnesota-receives-2-million-federal-grant-to-boost-solar-energy-23256626/

ESB pumps 2.5m into Irish solar start-up

( As the desire for and technology around solar energy continues to grow, ESB has bet big on Terra Solar: a [...]

New Record for Nanowire-Based Solar Cells Achieved

[...] -Queisser limit posits that only 33.7 percent of all the solar energy hitting a solar cell with a single p-n junction can be converted into [...]

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