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Doom, Star Wars Battlefront Hosting Double XP Weekends

[...] You can also grab a couple of skins by redeeming these SHiFT codes: Oscar Mike’s Tango Tango skin: HCK3J-9RRRR-C5WJH-RKR3J-T56HC [...]

New Battleborn Update Adds Three New Maps, In-Game Reporting, Broadcaster Tools

[...] information is displayed in the command menu after unlocking a character SHiFT codes will no longer appear to fail on the first try [...]

15 Ways to Write Self-documenting JavaScript

[...] Structural changes refer to shifting code around for enhanced clarity. [...]


Battleborn’s Latest Hot Fix Detailed, Loot Pack Codes Released

[...] In addition to this, the developer has released two SHIFT codes, each of which unlock an Epic Loot Pack. [...]

Coming soon to World of Trucks

[...] : from general map tweaks to AI improvements or improved gear shifting code, from xinput support to additional support for CSIO Technologies cool [...]

Battleborn – How to unlock Golden Skins with Shift Codes

[...] This guide will help you how to redeem shift codes in Battleborn PC, PS4 and Xbox One versions. [...]

[All Formats] Borderlands: The Handsome Collection / The Pre-Sequel - Valentines Skins

[...] Go to 'extras' and then to 'shift codes' - Thanks to maizecorn for this info! [...]

Break the Code: Cryptography for Beginners (Dover Children’s Activity Books)

[...] break six different codes, including simple letter grouping, reverse trail, shift code, key word code, date shift code and twisted path code. [...]

The intricacies of disassembling RTLink/Plus

[...] 's own relocation table to manually process relocation entries on the shifted code. [...]

Luxury’s emerging identity crisis

[...] Smart luxury brands’ strategies today shift codes of exclusivity into signifiers of personal quality of life, individual [...]

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