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Happy Birthday Lydia Forson

[...] She completed her secondary education at St. Louis Secondary School. [...]

Sokoto Govt, Army To Establish 2 New Schools

[...] Sokoto Sunday signed by the state Commissioner of Basic and Secondary Education, Dr. Jabbi Kilgore,

Why do 16% of the world’s adults dream of moving to another country permanently?

[...] only basic education) compared to high-skill ones (with post-secondary education). [...]

Secondary Supply Teacher Job

[...] Your new company Hays Education have specialised in secondary education in West Sussex for a number of years, and have built [...]

HRD Ministry Finally Sees The Light Plans To Reintroduce CBSE Class X Board Exams

[...] The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) Class X examination was scrapped in 2010 and replaced with [...]

UN Report Says Opportunities For Girl Child In India Have Dramatically Improved

[...] can be unlocked if all 10-year-old girls complete secondary education. [...]

52nd Anniversary of the glorious October 21, 1964 Sudanese revolution

[...] Student Ahmed al-Qurashi Taha studied the Secondary Education Level at El-Fasher Secondary School, in the Darfur Province [...]

World Population Report: Investing In 10-Year-Old Girls Will Yield Huge Demographic Payoff Towards Global Goals

[...] of or do not attend school were to complete their secondary education, it would lead to an additional $21 billion per year [...]

On education: from Josh Turiel, the Clam’s Token Elected Official

[...] But progressives tend to over-value secondary education. [...]

Class 10 board exams likely to return from 2018

[...] board exam for students affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), India's largest national. [...]


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