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A magicale destination – Incredible India – New Delhi

[...] to stay: The Asok Hotel – New Delhi New Delhi The press trip was sponsored by Visit India. [...]

Namaste, my incredible India – a journey that transforms

[...] : Air India Air India Places to stay: Asok Hotel The press trip was sponsored by Visit India. [...]

Geneva – The smallest of the great capitals in Switzerland

[...] The press trip was supported by KPNR networks / Germany

Launching Crossroads Platform For Bloggers And Influencers - Cooperatize Journal

[...] we’ll help you get on the next media or press trip Your pitch gets sent straight to the PR and marketing [...]

Sparreholm Castle – a Collector’s Dream Come True

  The great thing about going on press trips is not that you get free meals, or free lodging, [...]

New & Noteable

New & Noteable

[...] Out Embroidery Dress in black and white for an upcoming press trip to the Cayman Islands in January. [...]


[...] It was a press trip with Curvy Kate and during said press trip, I got a bout of thrush (from pouring bath salts in our [...]

Interview From Europe With Love

[...] , just a few weeks after we were invited to our first press trip. [...]


Destination Karlovy Vary – My night with James Bond “007”

[...] We did a lovely press trip and checked-in at the Grand Hotel Pupp & Casino [...]

Kalimera – The Levos we love / Greece

[...] The press trip was supported by “Griechische Zentrale für Fremdenverkehr – Direktion für Deutschland” [...]

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