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Selecting the Best Format for Image Content

When it comes to adding images to a website, most developers have several formats to choose from – JPEG, JPEG-XR, PNG, WebP and GIF to name a few. But determining which is the right one for each use [...]

Adorable Baby Ugg Boots are so easy to make

[...] Picture source

The WHOot

Caffè Bene Malaysia 2016 Seasonal Special Menu Melon Smile

[...] Instagram : Picture Source : Blog Bro Framestone.

Create the Perfect Online Marketing Video

[...] Picture Source A well made, well thought up online marketing video is easily [...]

Making Money: The Things You're Forgetting to Do

[...] Please note that the following post may contain affiliate links: Picture source Are busting your chops every day at work? [...]

Draymond Green Snapchat Picture

[...] **Graphic Pic Picture Source We’re all one click away from placing something in [...]


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