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Performance optimizations in nopCommerce 3.3

[...] Since version 2.7 the nopCommerce team have been gradually adding ACL permissions for the major entities ( [...]

What's new in nopCommerce 3.3

[...] The nopCommerce team have been gradually introducing id-less urls since verison 2.7 and [...]

What's new in nopCommerce 3.1

[...] tell you that the nopCommerce developers as well as the nopCommerce team of course, will have to put a lot more effort when [...]

A critical security issue in all nopCommerce 2.x installations!

[...] you might have with this, do let us or the nopCommerce team know!

What's new in nopCommerce 3.0 - part 3 - Nop-Tempalates themes and plugins.

[...] The nopCommerce team thought of this on our behalf and implemented the multi- [...]

Our nopCommerce themes and plugins just got a lot better!

[...] by the support of the one of the top nopCommerce teams - the Nop-Templates development team, who are setting the trends [...]

The future of the Dark Orange theme from nopCommerce 2.8 onwards?

[...] nopCommerce 2.8 onwards NopTemplates have been given the right by the nopCommerce team to support the Dark Orange theme through future versions of [...]

What's new in nopCommerce 2.8?

[...] Therefore the nopCommerce team decided to wrap up the work on the 2.8 version and [...]

What to expect in nopCommerce 2.7

[...] Given all this, we can certainly conclude that the nopCommerce team remain true to themselves and are giving us a version which [...]

New Nop Mega Menu plugin released for nopCommerce 2.65!

[...] the plugins, you can rely on one of the best nopCommerce teams out there to support you.

All our nopCommerce plugins and themes are now available for nopCommerce 2.65

[...] That is why the nopCommerce team had to release a new intermmediate version of nopCommerce 2.65 where [...]

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