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UFO Sighting in Silt, Colorado on 2016-08-28 02:02:00 - I saw the ufo hovering in a hidden valley near the road i was dr...

[...] approx 45 miles away on a remote and mostly dirt and mud road. the road crests near a location called mud hill, then it [...]

MP Angadi Seeks suggestions regarding Roads – Citizens flood their concerns

[...] nagar 2nd cross vadgaon rods are not proper that also mud roads in this rainy season people cant move from this way [...]

Airwheel S Series Scooters Electric will Bring Us The Most Loyal Friends.

[...] Airwheel S series in any road conditions: unsurfaced roads, bump roads, mud roads and even stairs. [...]

Flying machines awe thousands

PORTAGE LA PRAIRIE — Neither rain, mud, road construction, nor bumper-to-bumper traffic stretching for two dozen [...]

Where does America’s e-waste finish up? GPS tracker tells all

[...] Paved streets spin rutted mud roads. [...]

On The Trail Of America’s Dangerous, Dead Electronics

[...] Paved streets spin rutted mud roads. [...]

These Students Achieved What Govt Couldn’t for 69 Years – Electrifying A Village

[...] Following trails and mud roads, they finally reached the small group of houses in the [...]

For 69 Years There Was No Light In This Village. 4 Students Managed That In 2 Months

[...] It took them a while to reach there, following a trail, a mud road, to these villages. [...]

Motowns Specialist- World Champion Pedigree

[...] No issues with water, mud, road traffic or dogs along the way. [...]

Dark matter - Michelle Paver

[...] It was worse where I grew up, no lights on that mud road. [...]

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