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Accelerate Mortgage Or Invest?

[...]  homeowners to reevaluate the question of whether to accelerate the mortgage payment or invest their money. [...]

Mike Kruse, Las Vegas Real Estate Agent, Featured on Business Innovators Radio

[...] ’t over-buy on your first house and comfortable with your mortgage payment.  [...]

Tips to Implement for a Lower Mortgage Payment for Your Home Purchase

[...] is to find […] The post Tips to Implement for a Lower Mortgage Payment for Your Home Purchase appeared first on Tech4Bros.


Canada’s mortgage brokers find ways around new lending rules

[...] cost, and the cost is going to be a very high mortgage payment.” [...]

New Buy-to-Let Mortgage Rules Could Change Property Investment for Good

[...] rules, a limited number of providers will let you “top up” mortgage payments with other income (such as from a job) in order to [...]

In the papers: EDF, Morgan Stanley, Travis Perkins

[...] ,000 people have had arrears lumped in with their monthly mortgage payments, found the industry watchdog. [...]

7 Things all Seniors Want Young People to Know About Money

[...] to save money for retirement because you won't be making mortgage payments while you're in your 60s and 70s. [...]

Should You Pay Cash When You Buy Your Next Home?

[...] Owning a home outright, without the stress of mortgage payments can be extremely liberating.  [...]

Save Money with Plantation Blind Shutters in Bradenton, FL

[...] There are big expenses like cars and mortgage payments, but there are smaller expenses that never seem to go [...]


Identify, Price Set and Buy. Else, keep talking.

[...] In property price terms, RM300 extra in mortgage payment per month would have enabled us to buy a property which [...]

This is why Britain's banks will suffer greatly if Brexit kills the housing market

[...] in other words, if people could no longer afford their mortgage payments due to an interest rate rise or if they lose [...]


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