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Behavior Driven Development

[...] this one will say hey person-to-person money and here is it in order so the first thing is the benefit [...]

Martin Fowler | Software Design in the 21st Century

[...] the heart of your Harvard this is designed stand my offices which is also realized someone a long-winded name but the [...]

Explaining Agile - Martin Fowler and Neil Ford at USI

[...] stuck onto the walls go into the office and use what you see is post-it notes covering over the windows and [...]

Yehuda Katz - Why Rails is Hard (Railsberry 2012)

[...] a lot of hiring me time no no no pay I'm my office to be with your comment go try to figure out [...]

Introduction of Rural ICT Handheld Device in Branch Post Offices

[...] E-Money order will reach the destination post office instantaneously unlike present day where the money order is digitized at the nearest computerized Post Office and leads to delay in [...]

Moishe Lettvin - What I Learned Doing 250 Interviews at Google

[...] of wine and write a 50-page blog post about whatever so I shared an office with him and he had this is great [...]

Introduction to Programming by Eli

[...] people think about programming again they think about windows 7 or office or QuickBooks are these really big massive programs well in [...]

Lone Star Ruby Conference 2010 Real Software Engineering by Glenn Vanderburg

[...] what they design structural engineers have hard hats in their office because they go visit the site and talk to the [...]

Debugging with the Scientific Method - Stuart Halloway

[...] of follow-on conversation tonight those who continue on into office hours office hours will be held at you know whatever local [...]

★ Some Doldrums │ More 2016 Vancouver Pride Parade Photos

[...] At the post office I bought two money orders; on my way to mom's these shall be mailed for [...]

Zince Officially Proven to Be Effective in Defeating the Common Cold

[...] Army & Navy, then on my way to the post office (where I bought a $4 money order for 2 Greenpeace lottery tickets), I met and exchanged a few sentences [...]

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