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‘El Chapo’ Guzman’s health worsening after extradition setback, lawyer says

[...] , visited him last week, but he is concerned about his mental health because his head hurts and he is experiencing memory loss [...]

Thinking of dropping out of university, what are your opinions?

[...] I also have the help here to potentially over come my mental health issues and become a stronger person in the future. [...]

Man charged with stabbing person during church service

[...] Deputies say Lewis has a history of mental health issues, but that hasn’t included violence. [...]

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Workplace Drama - How do I choose/do I have to?

[...] say, this drama is making it harder to manage my mental health. [...]

11 Unforgettable Russian Fashion Week Collections | Huffington Post

[...] limit by labeling the shirts “Anxiety”, “Depression” and “Insecurity”, addressing mental health issues without the stigma. [...]

How to Make Work-Life Balance a Reality in the Sales Industry

[...] a few vacation days right before things get crazy or take a mental health day when things start winding down. [...]

Turn heat down this month

[...] collecting warm clothing for the Kamloops branch of the Canadian Mental Health Association. [...]

Real Yoga: $19.90 for a Yoga Swing or Aerial Yoga Classes (worth $65) in 5 Outlets. More Options Available

[...] studios, allowing members to improve and maintain their physical and mental health while relieving stress with Hatha or Yoga Stretch classes, or [...]

From Ibiza to the Norfolk Broads, Waterloo East Theatre – Review

[...] play follows Martin, a Bowie obsessive and loner with emotional and mental health problems. [...]

The Silence of Snow: The Life of Patrick Hamilton - Arts Theatre

[...] The performance is in support of MIND, the UK’s leading mental health charity and is in memory of Farrelly’s close friend Tim [...]

Kansans With Developmental Disabilities, Mental Health Issues Fall Into Care Gap

[...] Kansans with developmental disabilities say they’re often excluded from mental health treatment facilities based on assumptions that they won’t be able [...]

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