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Protesting students and conflict resolution models

[...] I pray that the court ordered mediation process will have the protagonists at NMMU find the 5th way [...]

Sudan's dialogue is part of Khartoum "conspiracies" to buy time: opposition

[...] The NCF rejects to participate in the African Union mediated process for peace and democratic reforms asking that the ruling National [...]

Opposition group calls for new peace process in East Sudan

[...] the Sudanese government in the framework of the African Union mediated process. [...]

Too little to succeed

[...] such is offensive to anyone who truly believes in the mediation process. [...]

Waldman & Ojelabi on Mediation & the Original Position

[...] he or she might approach issues of substantive justice in a mediation process. [...]

Washington welcomes Sudan's anti-terrorism cooperation, rules out lifting of sanctions

[...] Liberation Movement - Minni Minnawi are part of the African Union mediated process for peace in Sudan. [...]

Chinese gay activist challenges homosexuality ‘disorder’ textbooks

[...] of Education to deal with her case through their internal mediation process in return for dropping one of the lawsuits also failed [...]

Could Depression be an Unrecognized Side Effect of Vaccinations?

[...] is summarized in the following abstract: Emerging research on inflammation-mediated processes that underpin depressive syndromes reveals a possible link warranting greater exploration [...]

Human Ubc9 Contributes to Production of Fully Infectious Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 Virions

[...] The Gag-mediated assembly of virus particles and protease-mediated processing of Gag and Gag-Pol were unchanged in the absence [...]

Deutsche Lufthansa : Lufthansa welcomes outcome of UFO referendum on new CLAs

[...] .16 • Broad approval within cabin crew union for result of mediation process ends long-running dispute over collective labor agreement terms • Foundation [...]

Reflection narratives … #YLG2016

[...] Discipleship is, after-all, not a mass-media-mediated process … Selah.

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