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Pennies, Dimes & Nickels: A Day Spent with Pretty Penny

[...] Ella was already a good time, but throw in camera with Max Claus behind the lens and we’re onto something. [...]

FEELS LIKE… - Our first art and music fest was way too fun

[...] is a great hits comp from 5 (yup five) photographers: Charles Bucker, Max Claus, Jasmin Porter, Ray Solorzano, and our very own Dispo. [...]

ON THE MOVE - A glimpse inside the photographic adventures of Max Claus

[...] To view more work by Max Claus visit his personal tumblr, XIII Vision

BIKE NIGHT SNAPS - A couple moments captured from our second Bike Night

Photography by Max Claus Saturday came and went so quickly it’s hard to remember [...]

RIDE WITH ME - The inaugural Wine & Bowties bike party was one to remember

Photo by Max Claus It was right around Lakeshore near the amphitheater when it [...]

SCENES FROM SYD & FRIENDS - Our first event at The New Parish was, eventful

Photography By Max Claus Another night, another celebration. [...]

MOMENTS FROM CLOSER - Celebratory moments from our first event of the 2013

Photography By Max Claus Each celebration was a different beast. [...]

MOMENTS FROM BLACK FRIDAY - Just an ordinary night in Downtown Oakland

Photos by Max Claus Sometime between 11 and 1 it dawned on me; a pleasant reality [...]

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