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Psst.. Are you looking for info about Marketing Automation Platforms? Then it's your lucky day as right on this webpage you can find all that you need. Moreover it includes queries for Marketing, Automation and Platforms separately. And if you're interested in it, don't forget to check back often as this page updates automatically as new content becomes available. Updated .

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Time to Do Some Email List Cleaning? When & Why to Delete Subscribers

[...] addresses—because if you’ve got a solid email service provider/marketing automation platform (like Drip), it should be taking care of this for [...]


Tracxn – Analyst Notes # 737 – Business Intelligence

[...] Link, a provider of analytics-driven marketing automation platform raises $200,000 in seed funding.  [...]

Tracxn – Analyst Notes # 727 – Marketing Tech

[...] Link Mautic, an open source Marketing Automation platform, has raised $5M in Series A funding round by G20 Ventires [...]

Tracxn – Analyst Notes (India Practice) # 272

[...] Link ActiveCampaign (2003, Chicago), email and marketing automation platform, raises $20M in funding from Boston-based growth equity firm [...]

[Huge Update] For the First Time in History, World-Class Marketing Automation Has a Free Plan

Check out Drip’s no strings attached, forever-free plan With my team at Drip, and more recently alongside the team at Leadpages, I’ve dedicated the past 4 years of my career to building one of the [...]


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