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The Craigellachie 12 Year 2000 from The Exclusive Malts (30 ml hide it up your sleeve mini)

[...] * - The Malt Impostor intern researched and found that there’s really only one [...]

The Boston Launch Event of the WhistlePig Boss Hog--Bill's review (with a little help from Stephen)

[...] mdash;the Malt Impostors received an invitation to the Boston edition of the rolling- [...]

The Blanton's Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey (750 ml sweet mini inspirer bottle)

[...] would put the bottle down on the table, don our Malt Impostor glasses, and then, down on our knees, squint at the [...]

The Talisker Distiller's Edition TD-S:5HT Dist. 1992, bottled 2005 (200 ml church pew cruet)

[...] a bell jar has been placed over a dead mole …[/removes Malt Impostor glasses…]  Ahem, the nose is as expected: Taliskeriffic.& [...]

The Bowmore 15 (Mariner) -- Redux (50 ml you-wish-your-airline-served-these bottles)

[...] was the first whisky we ever reviewed here at The Malt Impostor, but back then our style was less connected to reality [...]

Whisky Live Boston is coming soon! Get your discount code here!

[...] -conscious or those from category 3) above, we here at The Malt Impostor have a 20% discount for our readers.& [...]

Discount Code for both 2013 Whisky Jewbilees October 9 & 10!

[...] To buy tickets for the Mt. Kisco with The Malt Impostor's exclusive discount, please go to this landing page: https://whiskyjewbilee. [...]

The Malt Impostors Abroad: The Impostors visit Bruichladdich

[...] blurring out the bar code on the cask to protect Malt Impostor trade secrets. [...]

The Chieftain's Strathisla 12 Year 2000 (30 ml desk stash mini)

[...] (The Malt Impostor legal team insists we not refer to the “mercury challenge” [...]

The WhistlePig "100/111" Rye (50 ml slow night antidote bottle)

[...] I think that the Illuminati must have-- We apologize to all Malt Impostor readers. [...]

A Flight of Bruichladdich Valinch Bottlings

[...] ash coating on a narwhal cheese (and boy, did the HMS Malt Impostor submarine ever get put through her paces on that extraction).  [...]

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