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13 Cool New Linux Games You Should Play

[...] , Steam, combined with other stores […] The post 13 Cool New Linux Games You Should Play appeared first on Beebom


Play your favorite x86 PC games on Raspberry Pi with ExaGear Desktop

[...] if you are thinking of playing more modern PC and Linux games on your Raspberry Pi? [...]


Exploring Andromeda: A Look at the Challenges Awaiting Google’s Next Voyage

[...] With the recent major push by Valve to improve the Linux gaming experience, we actually see a decent number of AAA titles on [...]

Huge Lack of Linux Developments for Office and Professional Activities

[...] There are indeed cool desktops under Linux, games, Wayland might be cool and could replace X11 soon or [...]

Feral Interactive to Port Deus Ex: Mankind Divided to Linux, SteamOS, and macOS

[...] for Feral Interactive, and it's also huge news for the Linux gaming community, which appears to be more and more popular among [...]

CrossOver Preview runs Windows apps on Android and Chromebooks even Photoshop

[...] Wine even exists, despite the rise of Steam OS and Linux gaming, most new titles are still locked to Windows.  [...]

Xenko 1.8 Released

Xenko 1.8 Released

[...] Fixed hang when launching a Linux game remotely. [...]

LXer: Do you use Linux as your main gaming OS?

[...] LXer: Also in today's open source roundup: The six best Linux gaming distributions, and Firefox 48 has been released. [...]

Linux Games We Bet You Will Enjoy Playing

[...] In this post, we will list some of the best Linux games that you can install and enjoy. [...]


Has there been any changes in Linux Gaming since...

[...] developments such as these I wonder if this changed things with Linux Gaming at all and what impact such developments as these has [...]

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