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Best Fishing Sunglasses

[...] Costa KC — Created by Costa for country crooner Kenny Chesney, these shades aren’t optimal for reducing side-glare since they [...]

Team Cocktail Keep The Summer Going Giveaway

[...] Trust me, I’ve partied with Team Cocktail at numerous Kenny Chesney shows and in Key West, they know how to keep [...]

12 Country Songs Every College Student Should Listen To

[...] “Just Not Today” – Kenny Chesney I’ve been an incredibly huge Kenny Chesney fan my entire life, his words have helped shape my [...]

Brent Cobb – Shine On Rainy Day (2016)

[...] a decade writing songs for country stars like Miranda Lambert and Kenny Chesney. [...]

13 Of The Best Country Songs To Make You Miss The Good Ol’ Days

[...] ‘Back Where I Come From’ – Kenny Chesney 7. [...]

PRO PLAYLIST: Marcus Caston offers his top 10 ski tunes

[...] Ty Dolla $ign, Kenny Chesney… F those guys. [...]


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