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That Wife Will Become A Software Engineer

Jenna Cole, the ‘photographer’ who just three months ago was bragging about [...]

That Wife Will Care About You On The Weekends

Jenna Cole, America’s Favorite Parent, continues to make it clear exactly how [...]

That Wife Will Never Let You Forget You Chose Santa

Click for video Jenna Cole, everyone’s favorite parenthood storyteller, is once again spreading the magic [...]

That Wife Has Closed Down Comments

[...] Jenna Cole, profitable, has decided she’s had enough of your feedback – she [...]

The Internet Totally Believes That Wife’s Profit Margin

[...] Jenna Cole, work at home mom, has put up yet another post [...]

That Wife Will Encourage Her Children In Imaginative Play

Jenna Cole, That Weirdo, snapped an adorable photo of her children today. [...]

That Wife No Longer Solo Parenting

Jenna Cole, solo parent, will no longer need all those single mom [...]

That Wife’s Life As A Solo Parent Is Hard But She Makes It Work

Jenna Cole, “work” at home mom, did an interview with another blogger [...]

That Wife Will Join Single Mom Groups

Despite being a married SAHM, Jenna Cole apparently considers herself a “single parent” – and a working [...]

That Wife Will Not Deal With Kids Or Readers

Jenna Cole, stay at home tweeter, has had a busy few days. [...]

That Wife Will Need More Bathrooms

Jenna Cole, mother of Bathroom Baby, is finally done with college. [...]

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