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Extending the use of heat actuated materials to architectural purpose: new developments in ‘Nylon Muscles’ have been tak...

[...] We imagine a vertical irrigation system, distributing water to patio vegetation, green walls and green roofs.’ [...]


$260,000 - 4 Merganser Ct, Glassboro, NJ 08028

[...] Inground irrigation system. [...]

Personal safety a worry for game wardens

[...] It added that trappers had illegally installed irrigation systems to water the acacias to help them grow fast and [...]

ROEM Brings 116 New, Affordable, Multifamily Apartments to Mountain View

[...] This will include a high-efficiency irrigation system, no turf use, drought-resistant plant palette, roof drainage collection [...]

Herbert Hoover died OCTOBER 20, 1964

[...] British engineer, completed a study of the restoration of the old irrigation system. [...]

Behavioral Change Needed: Why Only 17% Of The Toilets In These Schools Are Usable?

[...] that saves 80% water or installing grey water and drip irrigation systems. [...]

Bid Submission in Progress for an Irrigation System Project in Saudi Arabia

Jubail, Saudi Arabia: The irrigation system project is expected to be completed by the fourth quarter [...]

Don’t Neglect This Fall Home Maintenance Chore

[...] Stand away from irrigation system parts while you’re pressurizing the system with air. [...]

Musings: Get a Clue

Musings: Get a Clue

[...] 40 percent and production costs fell by 10 percent in irrigated systems, resulting in a positive impact on household income. [...]

Drought killing off pine trees in Nicosia’s parks

[...] The parks are facing serious problems as there is no irrigation system and an increasing number of trees are under threat especially [...]

The Smart Way to Create an Edible Garden in your Rooftop

[...] Experts recommend separating the irrigation system from the storm water management system. [...]

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