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Interview: Hugh Gibson talks The Stairs

[...] noticed much later in editing, and that would be with Iranian cinema, and my love of, in particular, Abbas Kiarostami and Jafar [...]

10 Aesthetically and Existentially Relevant Scenes from Kiarostami’s Cinema

[...] the time, not only for Kiarostami’s cinema, but also for Iranian cinema in general. [...]

Once There Were Bawdy Tales: Nosrat Karimi’s Matrimonial Comedies

[...] of today’s viewer, present what has been sorely absent from Iranian cinema, despite all discussions surrounding it within international scholarship and criticism [...]

15 Poetic Films About Mundane Subjects

[...] A small story of rural Iran became a symbol of New Iranian Cinema, as the film dealt with socio-political and philosophical topics [...]

The 10 Best Iranian Films About Women

[...] a complex and compelling emotional journey, but an historic moment in Iranian cinema which arguably helped make all the other films on this [...]

The 10 Best Iranian Films About Children

[...] Mourning (Morteza Farshbaf, 2011) Mourning belongs to a class of modern Iranian cinema which has perfected the art of unspoken statements, and Morteza [...]

Abbas Kiarostami – Nema-ye Nazdik AKA Close-Up (1990)

[...] Even taking away my own skepticism (after a few years of Iranian cinema, I no longer readily accept anything as “real,” at least in [...]

Iran bids farewell to late director Kiarostami

[...] Thank you for paving the tough road of globalisation for Iranian cinema,&quot

Abbas Kiarostami: The Death of a Cinematic Poet

[...] A towering figure of Iranian cinema, Kiarostami won the coveted Palme d'Or for his 1997 film [...]

Kiarostami, master of post-revolution Iranian cinema, dies at 76

Abbas Kiarostami, the writer-director who showed that Iranian cinema was one of the most original and emotionally engaging in [...]

How Irans Independent Cinema Carved A Niche For Itself At Cannes This Year

[...] global distribution of this film Farhadi gave a great visibility to Iranian cinema, that in fact started long before him,” said Agnes Devictor [...]

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