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Bridging programs help foreign-trained professionals gain accreditation

[...] A 2006 survey by Citizenship and Immigration Canada, as the department was then called, found that there were 1, [...]

Canadian Passport Renewal Child Adult

[...] Each and every day, citizenship and immigration Canada employees work with the various people from varied cultures. [...]


Time to end the honour system in B.C. property purchases

[...] real estate information on residency is never cross-checked with Immigration Canada or the Canada Revenue Agency. [...]

Canadian government signals renewed openness to international students

[...] However, Citizenship and Immigration Canada says processing times have improved, with an average of 38 [...]

The fastest way to get Canadian citizenship 

[...] Immigration Canada has launched a new program called Express Entry whereby you can [...]

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Canada Provinces and Provincial Nominee Program

[...] entry scheme have to submit an application to Citizenship and Immigration Canada. [...]

Can Trump-Dodging Americans Really Move To Canada?

[...] now submit an Express Entry profile through the Citizenship and Immigration Canada ("CIC") website, indicating their interest in immigrating to Canada [...]

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