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How to Configure VMware High Availability (HA) Cluster

[...] installation, which I’m not detailing here, you have to create a datacenter object: Step 1: Create a Datacenter Object The datacenter object is at the top-level [...]

How to Configure RAID 5/6 (erasure coding), deduplication, and compression - VMware VSAN

[...] I assume that you know how to create a Datacenter object and cluster object, how to add hosts to vCenter, and how to move [...]

SQL Data Warehouse, SQL Stretch Database and App Service Hits GA in Azure Government

[...] storage) SQL Web – Low-cost database for low to medium-size web applications SQL Standard – Core Database capabilities for medium [...]

How to Track a Human

[...] position Clothing fabric in branches Hair in branches Litter Indicators (objects discarded intentionally or unintentionally) Cigarette butts Candy and food wrappers [...]

What is the Big difference Involving Http and Https?

[...] , shows Winsock site visitors originating from ActiveX controls and COM objects instanced by an software (Stand-alone Version Only) “Prior to [...]

Community Design Handbook

[...] successful public spaces include statements like the following: “CONFIGURE the size and shape of public spaces for human comfort, proportions, and [...]

New chip could turn phone cameras into high-res 3D scanners

[...] LIDARs (scanning laser beams) to gather this information about an object’s size and distance away, with an optical concept called coherence (wherein [...]

Sling TV Brings Popular Live On-demand Entertainment on Windows 10 Devices

[...] , Microsoft Edge, File Server, Windows kernel, Microsoft Component Object Model (COM), Cluster Health Service, Hyper-V, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), NTFS file system [...]

The Impact of Internet Banking System on Nigeria Banking Environment

[...] CONTENT CHAPTER ONE 1.1      Background of study 1.2      Statement of problems 1.3      Objectives of Research 1.4      Scope and limitations 1.5      Research questions 1.6      Significance [...]

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