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3 Quick, Formidable Calisthenics Exercises for the Hustling Freelancer

[...] The first time I tried the Hindu squats, I was wobbling silly at 40 reps, and I could barely walk [...]


And I’m Like… (Payin Dues Reviewing Fully Loaded Wrestling April 14th, 2016)

[...] So much to learn, like many wrestlers warm up with Hindu Squats and Hindu Push-ups This dude basically invented that training [...]

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day #98 Wake up and Work Out!

[...] Then, I superset high volume straight legged sit ups, pushups, hindu squats, and hindu pushups.  [...]

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[...] To compensate for this lack of resistance, Hindu squats are normally done in very cheap timberland boots for men  [...]

Tyson Kidd Compares WWE TV To Live Events; Talks WrestleMania Favorite Macho Man Randy Savage

[...] I stick to my old Japanese roots and bust out 100 hindu squats, especially since my knee injury, I make sure the blood is [...]

Kidd on How He Prepares for Matches, Staying In Shape, Macho Man

[...] I stick to my old Japanese roots and bust out 100 hindu squats, especially since my knee injury, I make sure the blood is [...]

The Scourge That is Monsanto │ Allergy Medication Warning About Singulair (Montelukast Sodium)

[...] ─ I forced myself to engage a set of 260 Hindu squats, despite not feeling at all up to the strain. [...]

Good Friday 2015 │ A Regimen of Dramatic Promise for Brain Damage │ Unnecessary Cardiac Screening

[...] I did do a set of 260 Hindu squats late in the morning, though ─ motivated, I suppose, because Mark had [...]

Almost 50% of Statin Users Develop Diabetes

[...] ─ the only exercise I have engaged has been a set of 260 Hindu squats both yesterday and today. [...]

America's Effort at Mass Mandatory Lifelong Vaccinations for All

[...] of stairs dangerously challenging immediately after performing a set of 260 Hindu squats, for the stabilizing ligaments, tendons, and muscles around my knees [...]

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