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Jimmy Bubblegum

Jimmy Bubblegum

Jimmy Bubblegum is a quick and stylish shooter game created by Hero Interactive.  [...]

Hero Interactive: Thoughts?

[...] and possibly have some influence on the direction of the Hero Interactive website as we move forward! [...]

Hero Interactive: Friday For-Fun Poll

[...] So, for-fun poll question:   Which Hero Interactive game would you most like to see a sequel to that [...]

Hero Interactive: Open Ended For-Fun Poll

[...] So, if you could have any Hero Interactive game become a movie, what would it be? [...]

Hero Interactive: Hero Fan Art Page

[...] ’re over the age of 13 (COPPA) and have a Hero Interactive related work of art you’d like to be featured [...]

New Game:Bubble Tanks Tower Defense 2

[...] This game has been a huge undertaking for Hero Interactive and we're proud to finally release the game. [...]

Ratings and Rantings Featuring Red Hood and The Outlaws #2

[...] issue, It was surprisingly good and I liked seeing the four heroes interact, it felt oddly new yet similar, plus the next issue [...]

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