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How to Check If You Have a Google Penalty

[...] for a Google Penalty 1 Why it's Important to Check for Penalties A Google penalty is the negative impact on a website's search rankings based on updates to Google's search algorithms [...]

Is Google Pardoning Link Spammers?

[...] to disavow junk links and beg Google to lift their penalty, you could say the new algorithm update may simply be more of [...]

Google Has Started Removing Penalties From Previous Penguin Updates

[...] /google-penguin-update-2016/174432/ Google Has Started Removing Penalties From Previous Penguin Updates [...]

Off Page SEO Checklist for the Optimized Page

[...] Google wouldn’t have created the Penguin update or impose manual link penalties if backlinks, and their manipulation, didn’t matter. [...]


9 Promotional Strategies That No Longer Produce High ROI

[...] , entertaining content and you’ll never have to worry about penalties from Google updates again. [...]

Web Traffic Numbers Got You Down?

[...] Algorithmic penalties, on the other hand, are a direct result of Google issuing an update to how they are ranking sites. [...]

The Perfect Habitat of Unstoppable Creativity: How to Build an Empire with Ideas

[...] Ask anyone who has ever survived a Google penalty update. [...]

Avoid Duplicate Content with These Three Techniques

Since Google’s Panda update, webmasters have been trying to avoid a “duplicate content penalty.” [...]


History of Google UPDATE

[...] 27, 2012 7-Result SERPs — August 14, 2012 Google DMCA Penalty update – August 10, 2012: Google penalizes a website, which violates copyrights more than one time [...]


+ Google Penguin Penalty Recovery | 3 Years Later

A Penguin Penalty Recovery Story - In Review suffered from a dramatic Google Penalty in July 2013 sustained at the Google Penguin 2.0 update.  [...]

12 Point Local SEO Checklist

[...] In April 2015, Google announced a mobile-friendly update to its algorithm, which resulted in penalties against websites that were not optimized for mobile devices [...]

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