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LXer: Netflix on Firefox for Linux

[...] user and you're a little fed up with going to Google Chrome every time in order to watch Netflix on your Linux [...]

Giampaolo Rodola: psutil 4.4.0 released - improved Linux memory metrics and OSX support

OK, here's another psutil release. Main highlights of this release are more accurate memory metrics on Linux and different OSX fixes. Here goes. Linux virtual memory This new psutil release sets a [...]

add my friend to my groups -- 2 by sbabanli

[...] (Budget: $10 - $25 USD, Jobs: Google Chrome, Javascript)

Latest Google Chrome For iOS Update Adds A Hidden Miniature Game

[...] So be sure to update Google Chrome for iOS if you haven’t already. [...]


How to set permanent default applications on El Capitan

[...] default PDF viewer, sublime text as default text editor and google chrome as default browser but on next restart/power on, the [...]

Install Facebook Desktop Site in Your Mobile Phone -Take User- friendly Tips

[...] entire facebook full website without getting trouble Google Chrome Set-up to Activate Facebook Desktop Google Chrome browsing site  needs to be  launched on [...]

How do I save passwords in WebView now? (after API level 18)

[...] save the credentials (Username and Password) on login form, like Google Chrome. [...]

Chrome for Android: Restore Bookmarks and Recent Tabs links

[...] link on Chrome for Android: Open a new tab page in Google Chrome for Android. [...]

Get rid of (Time Search Now)

[...] adware typically hit and modifies settings within your Apple Safari, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox without having your approval. [...]


Where does "Google Favicon" useragent come from?

[...] My current suspicion is that Google Chrome itself does a request to bookmarked site to periodically update the [...]

Keep Your Team Updated with HYFY Pro: One-Year Plan

[...] click record on this high-quality screen-recording extension for Google Chrome, then start talking and working on your screen. [...]

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