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Working With Identity: Critical Consciousness & Empowering Humanity

[...] I hope some of you know that one of best fiction writers in Sri Lanka today lives among you. [...]

New J. R. R. Tolkien Book to be Published Next Year, #TrumpBookReport, and More

[...] (Literary Hub) At Signature Reads, fiction writer Janice Y. K. Lee discusses her second novel, The Expatriates, which recounts [...]

WHERE ARE THEY NOW? What happened to the people In Microsoft's iconic 1978 company photo (MSFT)

[...] Andrea Lewis became a fiction writer and freelance journalist Business Insider, Microsoft Andrea Lewis was the [...]

Jonathan Lethem on Kafka, Saving Book Stacks in University Libraries, and More

[...] Fiction writer Jonathan Lethem discusses the influence of Franz Kafka’s The Castle [...]

Book Blast: The After War by Brandon Zenner

[...] /display/c4c89eb41/ About the Author: Brandon Zenner is an American fiction writer and an Amazon best selling author. [...]

Claudia Rankine to Fund Racial Imaginary Institute, Sleep at Dracula’s Castle, and More

[...] (New Yorker) At Salon, novelist Teddy Wayne asks five fiction writers with new books—Brit Bennett, Jason Diamond, James Lasdun, Daniel [...]

When Novels Frustrate, and Enthrall

[...] Pretty much every generation of fiction writers has to find a way to invite in the leopards: the [...]

John Crowley’s Aegypt Cycle, Books One and Two

[...] Most fiction writers hide or couch their explorations behind a veil of organized story, a [...]

Good Sex in Fiction Award, Artist Reimagines W. B. Yeats Play, and More

[...] Fiction writer Rebecca Kauffman, whose debut novel, Another Place You’ve Never [...]

Mystery writer Edward Gorman dies at 74

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa – Mystery and crime fiction writer Edward Gorman has died. [...]

Research, Applied and Computational Mathematics, Mathematical Algorithm development, Research Scientist

[...] As science fiction writer Arthur Clarke wrote, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from [...]

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