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Andrew Sullivan Announces He Is Leaving Blogland

[...] two years ago, an idea that was attempted by The Feminist Breeder and Marlboro Woman, as well as others. [...]

Feminst Breeder Wants To Know How You Found Her Address

The Feminist Breeder, strong black woman, let her son run off during a tantrum. [...]

“Marlboro Woman” Goes Member Paywall Only

[...] interesting to see if they do as well as The Feminist Breeder – Gina made her site pay-to-play early last year [...]

The Feminist Breeder Wants To Teach Blogging

The Feminist Breeder, super successful paywall blogger, would like your feedback on her [...]

The Feminist Breeder’s Lawsuit Apparently Over

[...] legal battle between Dr. Amy and Gina of The Feminist Breeder has now ended: We’ve settled the lawsuit: The [...]

The Feminist Breeder Will Educate Autistic People About Autism

[...] Autistic people, perpetuated by ideas like those found on The Feminist Breeder’s Facebook Page IS EXACTLY why AWN’s committee, DIVERgent [...]

“The Feminist Breeder” Banned From Facebook Again

The Feminist Breeder, a strong black woman, is having yet another emotional uproar. [...]

Battle Of The Birth Bloggers Is Now Going To Court

[...] This evidently means that The Feminist Breeder’s attempts to dismiss the case because I don’t know, [...]

DMCA Abuses: The Middle Finger, MPAA and EFF in Court

[...] from Illinois and the brains behind the blog ‘The Feminist Breeder’. [...]

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