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Bengkulu Nightlife: 3 Best Nightclubs and Bars

[...] The entrance fee is Rp100,000 for special events. [...]

Japanese pop culture festival and concert to be held in Tokyo next month, foreigners get in for free!

[...] Yes, foreigners can avoid the 2,990 yen entrance fee simply by registering through the Moshi Moshi Nippon Festival website [...]


INDONESIA | Lombok’s Sasak Village Sade, a Day in the Life

[...] Lombok, Sade, Rembitan, Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia Open Hours: Entrance Fee: IDR10,000.00 GPS Coordinates Map: -8.839395, 116.292127 ► BOOK [...]

Exploring Kuressaare (Arensburg) Castle

[...] As I entered the courtyard and paid my 5 euro entrance fee in change acquired during the Feast so far, I noted what [...]

6Nt Machu Picchu Escorted Flight & Hotel Pkg: from $2,798 for 2

[...] ; guided sightseeing; excursion to Machu Picchu with Inca Rail train; entrance fees; and more. [...]

Center Stage Nightclub - Lampung Nightlife

[...] Entrance fee (FDC) on Saturday is Rp150,000. [...]

Exploring Saaremaa

Exploring Saaremaa

[...]  After paying an entrance fee of 4 Euros, we were let inside a densely packed collection of [...]

Golden Dragon - Lampung Nightlife

[...] The entrance fee (first drink charge) is Rp50,000 on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday [...]


[...] van transfer for countryside tour ✔Lunch at Loboc River Cruise ✔Entrance Fees and permits ☼☼☼ REMARKS: ✔Valid until May 30, 2016 ✔Minimum of [...]

Square Nightclub and KTV (Batam)

[...] The entrance fee is Rp150,000, which is the most you'll pay [...]

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