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$47 billion offer to create world’s biggest tobacco company – Sacramento Bee

[...] gain a strong presence in the U.S., a lucrative market where sales of electronic cigarettes are booming as traditional smoking fades. [...]

Many Adults Unaware That Using E-Cigarettes Can Hurt Kids

[...] (HealthDay News) — Many Americans don’t know that indoor use of electronic cigarettes exposes children to nicotine and leaves nicotine deposits on surfaces [...]


A Historical Timeline of Electronic Cigarettes

[...] issues a press release discouraging the use of electronic cigarettes and repeating previously stated concerns that electronic cigarettes may be marketed to young people, lack [...]

Electronic Cigarette Vs Electronic Shisha – The Differences and Similarities

The post Electronic Cigarette Vs Electronic Shisha – The Differences and Similarities appeared first on [...]

Tech Talk: Why Lithium-Ion Phone Batteries Can Explode

[...] , digital cameras, and flashlights to portable game consoles, power tools, electronic cigarettes, and electric cars. [...]

ELiquid Depot Introduces Big Bottles with Big Savings

[...] prices, the online store endeavors to promote the usage of electronic cigarettes, which is less harmful and a flavorful alternative to smoking traditional [...]

California anti-smoking reforms may also include vape taxes

[...] taxes on conventional tobacco products, but also introduce taxes on electronic cigarettes. [...]

Surgeons warn about exploding e-cigarettes

[...] surgeons in the UK are warning of the dangers of electronic cigarettes after treating a string of smokers injured by exploding devices. [...]

Review of the News: October 3 – October 7

[...] riding a Universal Orlando amusement park ride suffered burns when an electronic cigarette belonging to another rider exploded and shot a fireball at her [...]

Annual traffic chaos in Nicosia ahead of Cyprus Rally

[...] Yiannis Petrou seemed more resigned as he vaped his electronic cigarette while stuck in diverted traffic on Spyros Kyprianou avenue. [...]

Which Electronic Cigarette Device Should Be Your First?

The post Which Electronic Cigarette Device Should Be Your First? [...]

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