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The (00)7 Coolest James Bond Suit Moments

[...] to protect KGB defector Georgi Koskov, Bond flips up his dinner jacket’s shawl collar and secures it in place with a strip of [...]

Ian Fleming: The Wardrobe Model For James Bond

[...] tie ensemble in Casino Royale, which consists of a “single-breasted dinner-jacket”, a “heavy silk evening shirt” and a “thin, double-ended black satin [...]

The Solid Black Suit: What is it Good For?

[...] Le Chiffre wears a black shirt with his black velvet dinner jacket in Casino Royale (2006) to add more black to an [...]

ORIS – Artelier Complication

[...] it’s also confident slipping out from under the cuff of a dinner jacket. [...]

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James Bond in Oslo: George Lazenby Wearing Anthony Sinclair

[...] The dinner jacket is elegantly cut with a slightly full chest and soft shoulders [...]

(00)7 Ways James Bond Breaks the Rules of Style

[...] a less formal and private alternative to the dinner jacket, the light blue dress shirt is an appropriate alternative to [...]

Le Chiffre’s Charcoal Suit in Casino Royale

[...] Like Le Chiffre’s velvet dinner jacket, this suit is most likely made by James Bond’s tailor [...]

Clarence Leiter’s Dinner Suit in the 1954 Casino Royale

[...] of Leiter’s dinner jacket is similar to what Barry Nelson wears as Bond, but the full cut of Leiter’s dinner jacket is not as [...]

Take the James Bond Clothing Quiz

[...] A grey three-piece suit Swimming trunks A white dinner jacket A nude body Correct James Bond reveals a white (actually ivory) dinner jacket from underneath his wetsuit. [...]

Viking’s Yangtze Cruise: The Ship

[...] behind your horned helmet and battle axe in favour of a dinner jacket and a dry Martini. [...]

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