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5 ( non fashion related) must read blogs

[...] Check out The simple guide to digital strategy in 2016; An introduction to the business of blogging; 101 [...]

Duffy: Future-Proofing Your Design Agency

[...]  Joseph Duffy, EVP of design & John Geletka, EVP of digital strategy at Duffy Let’s put on our space suits, hop into [...]

3 Trends in Enterprise Digitization

[...] Digital strategies are most successful when they’re led by the C-suite. [...]

Talking About CMS Terminology: Omnichannel, Machine Learning, and More

[...] learning, and autonomous personalization can bring new power to your digital strategy.


Three Critical Mistakes Digital Businesses Make With Content

[...] Bharat Anand's book "The Content Trap" offers a new view of digital strategy that shifts the focus from "produce the best content" to " [...]

easyJet partners with Founders Factory to invest in Travel-tech startups

[...] passengers by putting disruptive thinking at the centre of our digital strategy. [...]

It took 5 hours for SkillTwins Football Game to be the MOST downloaded iOS-game WORLD WIDE.

[...] Today they release the game, where you play them, through a digital strategy that reaches over 120 million followers on Instagram, Facebook and [...]

10 Types of Visual Content On Instagram That Get Shared Like Crazy

[...] you’re ready to take a few risks and diversify your digital strategy, Instagram is a great place to start. [...]

Jobs - Marketing Jobs: Digital Marketing Executive, Manchester - £ 29000

Manchester M1, United Kingdom And other team members to create digital strategies. [...]

Wow, I've been a member of this place for almost 2 years

[...] I especially love the Digital Strategy Crash Course for that -- it's got me posting this and [...]

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