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Data scientist at leading e-commerce brand

[...] include: - Building a Recommendation Engine - Implementing strategic KPIs across departments - Building a data visualisation panel to enable more informed decision-making - Gauge user activity [...]

Data Visualization Desktop Data Flow Component

[...] Data Visualisation Desktop is a tool aimed at departmental analysis, with data coming [...]

Data Visualization Desktop

[...] adds a series of really interesting features enabling not only the data visualisation but also data exploration and wrangling. [...]


[...] both internal and external parties with the use of different data visualisation techniques. [...]

Building measuring progress towards the sustainable development goals (SDGs)

[...] in the last months, to Katja Dittrich who created the data visualisations and to Christian Pape who developed the first version of [...]

CNN Politics launches data-driven app

[...] Analytics provides the insight to gauge app use with advanced data visualisation and optimise app performance to deliver a seamless user experience [...]


[...] mapping, process improvement, 'as is' and 'to be', data analysis, data visualisation, data modelling, scope, requirements gathering, requirements elicitation, documentation, BRD, traceability [...]

Friday Fund Marketing Round-Up #11

[...] a comprehensive view of the B2B content marketing success, including great data visualisations making this an easy and appealing read. [...]

Data Business Analyst

[...] Comfort with Data Visualisation tools Comfort with tools used for Predictive Modeling

WANTED: A creative and idea-driven graphic designer!

[...] deadlines - Enthusiasm for art and design - Experience with infographics and data visualisation

This interactive map lets you watch who commutes to your city every day

[...] Well now, thanks to a new map by Michigan-based data visualiser Mark Evans, residents of England and Wales can watch for [...]

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