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DA from 1st July 2016 will be 3% if DA not merged taken in to account

[...] will be 3% if DA not merged taken in to account – DA merger on 7th Pay Commission implementation was 125% against the actual [...]

7th Pay Commission minimum pay and fitment factor – IRTSA Memorandum to Committees of Secretaries

[...] the 7th CPC as per details below: d) Minimum Pay after DA Merger at 50% & 100% and 14.2% rise: = 7000 x 1.5 = 10500 x 1.75 [...]


[...] after the appointment of pay commissions, the employees are granted DA merger, Last time, before appointment of 6th CPC, Government has granted [...]

7th Pay Commission Latest News – Staff Side JCM requests PM intervention on non-settlement of demands of Central Governm...

[...] up in February, 2014, no announcement for Interim Relief or DA Merger was made by the then government, which had all along [...]

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