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Goldman Sachs Is Using Spotify To Recruit Millennials

[...] Amanda Rubin, global co-head of the company’s brand and content strategy, she told Bloomberg, “We’re trying to be valuable and [...]


Creating Content for the Social Buying Funnel: 5 Ways to Amplify Sales

[...] Twitter and LinkedIn, you need to be creative with the content strategy, regardless of the keyword research. [...]

How to Best Appeal to Millennials on Social Media

[...] It might be worth to create a proper content strategy and have a backlog of content you can post at any [...]

Once Upon a Time … The Evolution of ROI in the Storytelling Arena

The ultimate goal at the very heart of a content strategy is to create an action. [...]

10 Tips to Do Great Work with Your Video Agency

[...] vision, mission, and values How this project contributes to your content strategy Even if you’re working on a one-off video, every [...]

Sales Collateral Audit: What Is It, and Why Is It Important?

[...] A sales collateral audit is an essential step in your overall content strategy. [...]

45 Experts Share Their Favorite Content Marketing Blogs

[...] go-to resource for anything content related, whether that be content strategy, copy-writing or content promotion. [...]

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4 Ways to Diversify Your Blog Content to Engage a Huge Audience

[...] By varying your content strategy, you can further separate yourself from the pack and keep [...]

EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY: Journalist Intern – GETAWAY (Based in Ndabeni, Cape Town)

[...] potential leads; assist and help contribute to planning meetings and content strategy sessions. [...]

10 Secrets Behind Creating Contagious Content 10 Times Better Than Your Competition

[...] rather straightforward, and something that marketers with less-than-stellar content strategies should ponder. [...]

Video Is Increasingly Important in Content Marketing (Infographic)

[...] necessary, as many marketers fail to manage and execute their content strategies effectively. [...]

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