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Uniform Civil Code: Why and How?

[...] During the Constituent Assembly debates what finally emerged was that the personal laws should [...]

Why Pakistan Is Considered To Be A Failed State? Here Are 9 Major Decisions Which Brought This Reputation

[...] , 1954 the Governor-General of Pakistan, Ghulam Mohammad, dissolved the Constituent Assembly and appointed a new Council of Ministers on the grounds that [...]

Personal laws must be constitutionally compliant: Arun Jaitley

[...] only a continuation of the debate in this country ever since Constituent Assembly had expressed the hope that the State would endeavour to [...]

Issues Of New Constitution Making In Sri Lanka: Towards Ethnic Reconciliation

[...] efforts of the present constitution makers, if not the whole constituent assembly, might be devoted to this issue, given the sensitivity of [...]

Religion can’t dictate upon rights of individuals: Jaitley

[...] stand on the Uniform Civil Code, saying it was the Constituent Assembly controlled by the party that had envisaged a common civil law [...]

Article 74: Filling the Void

[...] Later, in the Constituent Assembly, on 30 December 1948, Dr. Ambedkar said, “It will be [...]

Prachanda visit eases Indo-Nepal tension

[...] felt, they were on the verge of even the second constituent assembly being unable to deliver on a constitution and compromises were necessary [...]

Standstill In The Valley: Both Separatists and the Centre have a Lot to Answer For

[...] the legendary Sheikh Abdullah in his speech to the State's Constituent Assembly on November 5, 1951, the Indian state seems to have assiduously [...]

Christians in Nepal ‘increasingly under threat’ as eight charged with trying to convert children

[...] In 2015, Nepal’s Constituent Assembly voted to remain secular and resisted pressure from Hindu nationalists [...]

GK : Indian Polity Quiz for Competitive Exams

[...] Constitutional Government The Constituent Assembly of India was set up under the ? [...]

Rajya Sabha abandoning its Role as a Federal Chamber

[...] Quite a few who spoke in the Constituent Assembly envisaged the Rajya Sabha as the cultural face of India [...]

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