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Using "node colorbox" rate don't appear

I use "Rate" module and "Node colorbox" module and rate don't appear on node colorbox pop-up. [...]

Upgrading Drupal Media module to 7.x-2.x

[...] provided by Media Colorbox comes with Media 2.x, making the Media Colorbox module obsolete. [...]

Metal Toad

Media Element Audio Player inside of Colorbox

[...] I am using the MediaElement.js modules, Colorbox Module, and Media Colorbox module Using the default "Audio" file type, I can render an mp3 [...]

How can i increase the size of color box pop up window in drupal 7. .?

I have implemented Colorbox module and configured it for my image gallery. [...]

Colorbox Popout Image - Prevent "Fit to Window" setting

[...] I'm using the colorbox module. [...]

Problem In Splashify Module

[...] Create A popup On Home Page I Have Done All Things, Installed Colorbox Module And Also Placed The Plugin In library Folder And Also [...]

Colorbox You tube video

[...] I have youtube colorbox module installed and enabled, but when I got to configure the thumbnail, [...]

How to display an overlay image in modal window (Colorbox) upon hover

[...] to display in modal lightbox-type windows – specifically, using the Colorbox module. [...]

how to get focus on colorbox on clicking

[...] I need the focus to go to the colorbox (using drupal colorbox module) when a user clicks on the link that opens the colorbox [...]

How to paginate multivalue image field and still show all images in Colorbox?

[...] I've added the Colorbox module and am able to create a nice page with all images [...]

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