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It can’t happen here?

[...] as Sunday school, the PQ’s refusal to crack down on Catholic symbolism — even refusing to remove the cross hanging in the National [...]

Cult MTL

Does having a Catholic identity matter to the Irish anymore?

[...] I remember the Catholic symbols that adorned our house and the Sacred Heart that sat [...]

Twelve things you should know about marching season in Northern Ireland ahead of ‘The Twelfth’

[...] The Irish Tricolor, Irish nationalist symbols, Catholic symbols, and effigies, are sometimes burnt on the fires. [...]

Salvation is free, Pope says, warning against Holy Year fraudsters

[...] door of a church, which remains closed except during a Holy Year, Catholics symbolically pass from sin to grace. [...]

UNESCO World Heritage Site #299 – San Antonio Missions

[...] of features, including the decorative elements of churches, which combine Catholic symbols with indigenous designs inspired by nature. [...]

Loyalist bonfire night passes off ‘peacefully’

[...] attracted large crowds, who watched as a variety of republican and Catholic symbols were burnt, as well as a range of flags. [...]

Atheist Demands Catholic Imagery be Removed from Catholic School… Because of Islam.

[...] find temporarily empty classrooms where they are often surrounded by Catholic symbols which are incongruous to their religion,” according to the Tower [...]

God Has Sent Them Strong Delusion So They Believe a Lie – 11 Thessalonians 2:11

[...] and central to it is the right-angled cross, a sacred Catholic symbol. [...]

Suppression of Islam in Kosovo

[...] Some Muslim Kosovars have even been imprisoned for desecrating these Catholic symbols.viii 3. [...]

Caribbean Palm Village Resort, Showcases Aruba’s Culture

[...] Dera Gai is filled with both pagan and Catholic symbolism, reflecting the influences of the island’s indigenous Arawak natives and [...]

Bati Bleki

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