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10 Canvas Page Builder and Page Customizer tips and tricks

[...] website How to copy layouts between pages The post 10 Canvas Page Builder and Page Customizer tips and tricks appeared first on Pootlepress [...]

Video demo of a fully customisable WooCommerce landing page built with Canvas Page Builder

[...] possible to create a customisable WooCommerce landing page with our new Canvas Page Builder plugin and our upcoming Page Customizer plugin. [...]

5 ways Page Builders are going to radically shake up WordPress!

[...] when we gave our friend ‘Dave the incredibly talented Designer’ Canvas Page Builder for the day. [...]

When Dave the Incredibly Talented Designer met Canvas Page Builder

[...] example #3: Junifestkonzert 1957 Switzerland Stupendous example #4: Tannhauser Bluthochzeit 1966 Switzerland Canvas Page Builder is a powerful yet simple Page Builder for WooThemes Canvas. [...]

Full width rows with customizable backgrounds for Canvas Page Builder [sneak preview]

[...] header with Sticky Header 2 (the new version of Sticky Header) Canvas Page Builder is available from the PootlePress store now for $49 The [...]

Video tutorial – How to create a magazine layout like the New York Times for your website

[...] show you how easy this is now with the WooThemes Canvas Page Builder. [...]

Sneak preview – Canvas Page Builder [video]

[...] The post Sneak preview – Canvas Page Builder [video] appeared first on Pootlepress.

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