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IPv6 Support Update – CloudFront, WAF, and S3 Transfer Acceleration

[...] Simply change: to Here’s some code that uses the AWS SDK for Java to create a client object and enable dual-stack [...]

AWS Week in Review – September 27, 2016

[...] rusoto is an AWS SDK for Rust. [...]

AWS Week in Review – September 19, 2016

[...] Availability of .NET Core Support in the AWS SDK for .NET, explained how to Configure AWS SDK with .NET Core, described Custom Elastic Beanstalk [...]

AWS Week in Review – September 5, 2016

[...] We announced that the AWS SDK for C++ is Now Ready for Production Use. [...]

AWS SDK for C++ – Now Ready for Production Use

[...] sample using the new and improved TransferManager API: Visit the AWS SDK for C++ home page and read the AWS Developer Blog (C++) to [...]

AWS Week in Review – August 29, 2016

[...] We announced the AWS SDK for React Native. [...]

New – Auto Scaling for EC2 Spot Fleets

[...] CloudFormation, or by making API calls using one of the AWS SDKs. [...]

Now Available – IPv6 Support for Amazon S3

[...] We are currently updating the AWS SDKs to support the use_dualstack_endpoint setting and expect to push them [...]

New AWS Training Bootcamps to Help You Build Technical Skills

[...] Level teaches you how to leverage AWS CloudFormation, Chef, and AWS SDKs to automate provisioning and configuration of AWS infrastructure resources and [...]

AWS Week in Review – April 25, 2016

[...] We updated the AWS Mobile SDK for iOS, AWS SDK for JavaScript, AWS SDK for Go, and the AWS SDK for Ruby. [...]

They’re Here – Longer EBS and Storage Gateway Resource IDs Now Available

[...] new resource IDs: Some of the older versions of the AWS SDKs and CLIs are not compatible with the new format. [...]

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