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Bengaluru Water-Tanker Driver Beats Great Odds To Win The Mr Asia Bodybuilding Title

The "Arnold Schwarzenegger of Whitefield" isn't a man who has all the time in [...]

Predators - Review

Predators - Review

[...] invisible alien, who stalks its prey, proved a formidable opponent against Arnold Schwarzenegger in the original film and returns for to the hunt [...]

Why does every T-800 Terminator sent back look like this?

[...] , OK, I realize that the main plot to the story involved Arnold schwarzenegger as the actor so it had to look like this. [...]

15 Most Creative Car Owners Express Love For Their Cars

[...] #10 Arnold Schwarzenegger Windscreen Wiper Image source: Percy Thacker #11 I Need To Be [...]


It All Starts with Your Mind

[...] Take Arnold Schwarzenegger for instance – reportedly, he was so determined to become a champion [...]

Review: Avi-8 ‘Flyboy’ Automatic Nato Strap Watch

[...] is 43mm, which is perfect if you don’t have an Arnold Schwarzenegger-sized wrist. [...]


Event - Central Coast Sustainability Summit

[...] Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger appointed him Secretary of the California Environmental Protection Agency and [...]

Japan has built a robot that can do push-ups and sweats to cool down

[...] push-ups non-stop for up to 11 minutes, giving Arnold Schwarzenegger a run for his money.And, most importantly. [...]

These Indian ‘Netas’ Can Trump Mr. Donald Trump Desi Style

[...] Rice right up to former California Governor, the Terminator himself Arnold Schwarzenegger, have all disowned, washed their hands off the Republican Presidential [...]



[...] the select few who has managed to defeat the great Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime. [...]

Who will Mark Zuckerberg choose to voice his home automation AI?

[...] from the Marvel movies, the inimitable Morgan Freeman, Benedict Cumberbatch, Arnold Schwarzenegger (who personally offered his services back in January) and the [...]

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