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Why there is fad around in the market about mobile beating desktop?

[...] it beating PC/Desktop in its game No. of active apps/software on mobile vs PC As a user experience designer, I have feeling [...]

7 can't-miss apps: Ever, Visionn, 'Lonely Sun' and more

[...] More about Weekly App Roundup, Tech, and Apps Software

Instagram may be experimenting with live video in Stories

[...] More about Instagram, Apps And Software, Tech, Apps Software, and Facebook

Facebook is about to become more NSFW

[...] More about Media, Facebook, Tech, and Apps Software

Wunderkind startup CEO is catfishing bot's most recent victim

[...] More about P Black Mirror, Supported, Lifestyle, Work Play, and Apps Software

This app will tell you if you're being paid enough

[...] More about Glassdoor, Careers, Apps And Software, Tech, and Apps Software

Amazon's Family Vault lets groups pool their photos for easy sharing

[...] More about Photos, Amazon Prime, Amazon, Tech, and Apps Software

Facebook is greeting some international users with the weather. But in Fahrenheit.

[...] More about Weather, Facebook, Australia, Social Media, and Apps Software

7 can't-miss apps: Switchcam, Face Swap Live and Tribe

[...] More about Weekly App Roundup, Apps And Software, Tech, and Apps Software

Why Google is retooling search to put mobile first

[...] More about Google Search, Google, Apps And Software, Tech, and Apps Software

Periscope introduces Producer to help professional broadcasts to Twitter

[...] More about Periscope, Twitter, Apps And Software, Tech, and Apps Software

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