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Android - API - Life cycle of 2 activities with the Intent class

One important step in Android development is to understand how to deal with many activities. This is what we are going to see in this Activity tutorial with an example of the famous Intent class. [...]

Android - API - Classic methods during a life cycle with one activity

In this tutorial we will see how and when Activity main methods are called during a classic life cycle. Only one activity will be used in this example in order to have something easy to understand. [...]

Android - API - Getting the current method name with StackTraceElement

Always dreamed to see the stack without your debugger? Maybe this tutorial will help you with the StackTraceElement Java class. Of course we are going to use an Android application to see all that [...]

Android - Tips'n Tricks - Hiding/Showing the Notification bar

Maybe you don't know that but it's possible to remove the Notification bar programmatically. It's quite useful if you don't really need it for your custom application. It takes a little bit portion [...]

Join us at the Big Android BBQ

[...] Paul has created various Android tutorials and video courses over the past three years, with his [...]

B4A Beginner Tutorial - Pin Login

[...] Note android studio or eclipse android tutorial The first part of this tutorial , we will create buttons [...]

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